Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure that they have all the necessary traveldocuments. Linda Line shall not refund bookings to passengers unable to make the trip due toimproper or missing documents.

Estonian and Finnish Citizens
Both Estonian and Finnish citizens must have a valid travel document (passport, identity card orother document specified by their respective national legislature) when exiting or entering theircountry; e.g. a driver’s licence is not a valid travel document when travelling within the Schengenarea. Estonian citizens do not need a visa to enter Finland and Finnish citizens do not need a visato enter Estonia.

Passengers Requiring a Visa to Enter Estonia or Finland
Schengen Agreement member states, including Estonia and Finland, have jointly decreed whichcountries receive visa exemptions and which still require visas. All EU member state citizens en-joyfreedom of movement rights within the Schengen Area. They can stay in another member state forup to 90 days without a visa; for longer stay one must apply for a residence permit.European Union citizens’ passports are no longer stamped at the border and their national identitycards are valid as travel document.

Third Country Nationals
Citizens of countries outside the Schengen Area holding ordinary passports are still subject toprevious visa and residence requirements. Before allowing a third-country citizen to book a passage,the existence of a valid visa is confirmed and persons without a visa shall not be registeredas passengers. Passports need to be valid for at least 3 months after the intended date ofdeparture and must have been issued in the previous 10 years.

Stateless Persons
Stateless persons who are legally resident in a Schengen Area member state and hold a passportissued by the competent authorities in their country of residence can enter both Estonia andFinland without a visa (for a stay of 90 days in a 180 day period, when not intending to work).Stateless persons may travel only with a valid passport and residence permit, an identity cardissued to a stateless person is not valid as travel document (written on the reverse side of thecard). A valid residence permit must be presented as part of the travel document, it guarantees thestateless passenger’s right to return to the country that has issued the travel document.A foreign national crossing the Estonian state border needs to have a valid travel document issuedby their country, a foreigner’s travel document or re-entry permit issued by Estonia, whenlegislature or international agreements do not stipulate otherwise.Visa exemptions are determined by the EC regulation no 539/2001 amended by the protocol no1932/2006 (21 December 2006). Upon request a valid travel insurance and sufficient funds for theduration of the stay must be presented at the Finnish border. A visa is still required for long-erperiods of stay (work, studies etc.).For more detailed information please consult the websites of the Estonian Police and BorderGuard Board and the Finnish Border Guard.