Dear passengers, the process of bringing the ship to line is still in process – unfortunately, it took a more time than planned. We will send information about the new season by our newsletter and add it to our webpage. All the serial ticket owner may book their trip on Eckerö Line departures using Linda Line Express’ serial ticket. We kindly ask you to make your booking at least one working day before the departure via email. To making the booking please send email to with serial ticket number, passengers first and last name, date of birth, phone number and selected departure date and time. We will send the booking conformation back to your email as soon as possible. Our booking office is open Mon-Fri 9:00 – 15:00. 

Day cruise

Day cruise will give you an opportunity to enjoy a day in Helsinki and return to Tallinn by the same evening or the other way around. Day cruise includes a return trip between Tallinn and Helsinki during one day. If you’re seeking for an escape from a daily routine – why don’t you take a day trip to Tallinn or Helsinki to have a good time on your day off.
Day cruise allows you to get an affordable ticket so there will be money left for shopping as well. What to do in Helsinki or Tallinn? Take a look at which events take place in there or find a suitable shopping centre or a restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Best price for our day cruise travellers
Day Cruise price for adults in Tourist class start 25 €
Day Cruise price for adults in Linda Comfort class start 65 €

Product code while booking online is DAY

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