Serial Ticket Terms

We recommend that all serial tickets buyers would read the serial ticket trems and conditions. You are welcome to contact our customer serice if you still have questions after reading.

Serial ticket holders are kindly requested to make their bookings in advance to ensure a seat on board. It is possible to pass directly to check-in with an existing booking by presenting a booking confirmation at the gate. All bookings made with a serial ticket will be charged from the ticket. All serial ticket bookings should most definitely be changed or cancelled no later than 2 hours before departure, if the passenger does not actually wish to travel.

Serial tickets are a means of payment valid solely for travelling on Linda Line’s vessels. General Terms of Travel apply to all serial tickets, in addition to the following special conditions for serial ticket holders:

Serial tickets are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase (i.e. 1 full season). The expiration date of a serial ticket cannot be extended, or are any unused trips left on the ticket eligible for compensation or a refund.

Serial tickets are not personal; it is possible to register an unlimited amount of co-travellers to them.
When wishing to book a passage, the passenger must provide their serial ticket number and the name of the ticket holder.
No more than 2 persons may travel on 1 departure with the same serial ticket.

Serial ticket is not refundable.

All unused bookings made with a serial ticket and not cancelled or changed before departure will be charged to the card regardless.
Linda Line Express is not responsible for the abuse of the lost card.

A serial ticket passenger holding a printed booking confirmation may pass directly to the check-in gate. If passenger doesn’t have the booking conformation, it is possible for the cashier to print it.
Serial ticket does not provide any discounts from on board shoppings.