Dear passengers, the process of bringing the ship to line is still in process – unfortunately, it took a more time than planned. We will send information about the new season by our newsletter and add it to our webpage. All the serial ticket owner may book their trip on Eckerö Line departures using Linda Line Express’ serial ticket. We kindly ask you to make your booking at least one working day before the departure via email. To making the booking please send email to with serial ticket number, passengers first and last name, date of birth, phone number and selected departure date and time. We will send the booking conformation back to your email as soon as possible. Our booking office is open Mon-Fri 9:00 – 15:00. 

Pet and Bike

Pets may be transported on Linda Line vessels only in Tourist class and Linda Comfort class under the supervision of their guardian, in a cage or with a muzzle. A separate booking must be purchasedfor the pet. Pets without a cage or muzzle are not allowed on board. The guardian is required to travel in Tourist class or Linda Comfort class with their pet and they have to make sure they do not endanger other passengers, the crew or general safety on board the ship. It is the responsibility of the pet guardian to ensure that all boarding conditions are met, including travel documents. Linda Line shall not refund bookings to passengers unable to make the trip due to improper or missing documents or missing cage or muzzle. Linda Line reserves the right to charge €100 for pets being transported without a ticket on the company’s vessels.

Passengers travelling with a bicycle are oligted to give their vehicle to a member of crew when boarding a vessel, which is then placed in a space reserved for them on the ship’s outer deck area.