Tourist- and Linda Comfort class

Your trip is always fast and comfortable in tourist class, but we do recommend also to try our Linda Comfort class. Linda class is suitable for the one who enjoys some peace and quiet  as well as priority boarding.

Tourist class

One way ticket for an adult from 19€
One way ticket for children until 12 years 5€
Children under 4 years travel for free
Tourist class seats are located on the first and second deck on both of our vessels Karolin and Merilin. It is possible to order hot and cold foods as well as drinks from the bar during the whole trip or even without leaving your seats by ordering from the stewards/stewardesses moving around the vessel. There is a shop on board on the first deck of our vessels where you can buy variety of alcoholic beverages, sweets, presents for your children, relatives and friends and different cosmetic products. There is a seperate smoking area outside the second deck.

Linda Comfort class


One way ticket for an adult from 34€
Onw way ticket for children until 12 years of age 20€
One way ticket for children under 4 years of age 5€
Best for the one who values privacy and comfort. When arriving to the harbour have your ticket ready and follow the Linda Comfort class signs as we offer you priority boarding. While we cross the sea enjoy all the benefits that Linda Comfort class offers. Take a cup of coffee and enjoy the view to the sea. On those warm summer days take a refreshing juice or crispy water. While enjoying your light meal do not forget to ask for the complimentary glass of wine. It is a great fast start of finnish to your busy day and we love to take you back home after long day in the city.

Linda Comfort Class has it’s own separate area. Both on Merilin and Karolin Linda Class is located on the lower deck in the bow of the ship. About 130 persons may travel in Linda Comfort class at one time.