Conditions of Carriage

Linda Line Conditions of Carriage
Contract of Carriage and Subjects Thereof
The contract of carriage described in these rules and comprising the ticket is concluded between Linda Line the carrier and the passenger. Linda Line does not carry cargo nor does it accept valuables (money, securities, gold, silver, precious stones, art-work etc.) for safekeeping.

Applicable Law
The contract of carriage is controlled by the provisions of either the Estonian Merchant Shipping Act or the Finnish Maritime Code, depending which act is in force at the place of the authorised legal venue. If no law’s provisions have obligatory force in the authorised court with regard to these rules, the provisions of the 1974 Athens Convention shall be applied to the contract of carriage, as amended by the protocol of 29 March 1990, pertaining to the sea transport of passengers and baggage.

Resolution of Disputes
Difference of opinion pertaining to the contract of carriage shall be resolved by way of negotiations. In the event that the parties do not reach agreement in these issues, disputes will be re-solved in the judicial bodies of the defendant’s home country or in a venue agreed by the par-ties. If the Athens Convention is to be applied based on the above with regard to the contract of carriage, the dispute can be resolved, if the plaintiff so chooses, in a court determined pursuant to article 17, clause 1 (b) and (c).

Scope of Application
In transporting passengers and their baggage, the requirements of the contract of carriage and applicable law shall be applied. Maritime transportation includes the time that passengers and their baggage are in the carrier’s departure terminal, on the ship or carrier’s arrival terminal.

Tickets and the Ship
The ticket which is indicating the existence of a contract of carriage must be presented to ticket inspection in the carrier’s terminal at the port of departure. The carrier is not obliged to refund the price of a stolen, lost or destroyed ticket. In other cases, the general terms listed in the regulations apply; they are posted on-board the ship, at Linda Line ticket offices and on the Internet or The rights of passengers as well as that of the carrier to cancel the contract of carriage are specified by applicable law. The carrier has the right to use other ships for carriage besides the one listed on the ticket.

Restrictions on Baggage
Each passenger may carry baggage measuring 80×50×100 cm or with corresponding proportions whose weight does not exceed:
in Tourist class 20 kg/passenger free of charge;
in Linda Lounge and VIP class 30 kg/ passenger free of charge.

Overweight baggage is subject to additional charges as follows:
€10 for every starting 10 kg/passenger.

The following baggage is not weighted: handbags, umbrellas, baby carriers or bags, baby carriages and carts, walking sticks, crutches and wheelchairs. It is prohibited for passengers to bring to the terminal or on-board the ship baggage that is dangerous or disruptive to others or their baggage or to the terminal, including flammable or explosive goods, firearms or weapons. The carrier has the right to move such baggage to the land, make it harmless or destroy it at the passenger’s expense and without bearing any obligation of reimbursement. For security reasons, the carrier has the right to search passengers’ hand luggage and other bags at the terminal and on board.

Carrier Liability
Carrier’s liability shall be determined in accordance with applicable law, and it is limited by the provisions of applicable law or the Athens convention along with its protocols. The carrier shall not be held liable for the expenses due to damage, death or lateness incurred by passengers or their baggage before the beginning or after the end of the voyage specified in clause 13.4.

Liability of Persons, Agents and Independent Contractual Partners in the Service of the Carrier
These persons have equal rights to the freedom and restriction of liability on the basis of the contract of carriage and the legal acts applicable pursuant to clause 13.2. The liability of the carrier and these persons may not exceed the upper limit set forth in the contract of carriage and applicable law pursuant to clause 13.2.