Changing the Reservations

Individual Reservations or Tickets
Reservations must be changed and/or split no later than 48 hours prior to departure. Changes to  and/or splitting of a reservation is not allowed less than 48 hours prior to departure time (in case of return reservations, the date and time of the first departure is taken into consideration).
Changes can be made to the departure date and time, number of passengers and their details (name, date of birth etc.). Upon changing and/or splitting a reservation, the client is required to pay for the possible difference in price. Upon changing a reservation to a cheaper departure, the price difference will not be refunded. Changing a reservation is subject to a €3 fee. Only passengers mentioned in the reservation are able to split or change it (an identity document must presented at the ticket office).

Groups, Hotel and Other Packages
Changes to reservations are made during weekdays. Change requests must be sent in written form by e-mail. Changing a reservation is subject to a €5 fee/change/reservation. Changes made to the number group members is subject to Terms of Cancellation.