Booking and Payment

Individual Reservations or Tickets
Reservations can be made at the main ticket offices found in Linda Line terminals or other sales points in Tallinn and Helsinki. The following information is required when booking a passage: direction (s) of travel, date and time of departure, passengers’ first and surnames, genders, dates of birth (ddmmyyyy), nationalities and preferably 1 mobile phone number as a contact number.
A passenger is obliged to show their identification document (passport or identity card) in the harbour. Passengers with unpaid or partially paid reservations are asked to come to the terminal 1 hour before departure. Boarding the vessel without first registering the reservation at the ticket office is only possible for reservations paid in full. Unpaid and partially paid reservations can only be paid at the ticket office; check-in gates do not handle payments. If a reservation is not purchased by the agreed time (i.e. 1 hour before departure), it will be cancelled automatically without any prior notification to the client.

Serial Tickets
Serial ticket holders are kindly requested to make their bookings in advance to ensure a seat on board. It is possible to pass directly to check-in with an existing booking by presenting a booking confirmation at the gate. All bookings made with a serial ticket will be charged from the ticket. All serial ticket bookings should most definitely be changed or cancelled no later than 2 hours before departure, if the passenger does not actually wish to travel.

Reservations or Tickets for Groups, Hotel and Other Packages
Linda Line group sales department is open on weekdays. All group reservation requests must be presented in writing. The company recommends making a reservation well in advance. Only 1 discount for groups is valid at a time. A list of names must be submitted no later than 14 days before the departure date unless otherwise agreed. All group members must travel on the same departure(s).

A prepayment of €10/person will be charged to all group reservations. If prepayment has not been received by the agreed time, Linda Line reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any prior notification to the client. All group reservations need to be paid 14 days prior to departure. Group reservations made less than 14 days be-fore departure must be paid immediately. Group reservations cannot be cancelled or changed less than 14 days prior to departure. If the reservation involves one of Linda Line’s external partners (e.g. a hotel) whose cancellation terms differ from the ones stated here, then both partners’ terms will be applied. The reservation must be paid by the agreed due date. If the payment has not been made by that time, the booking will be cancelled and terms of cancellation will apply.