Dear passengers, the process of bringing the ship to line is still in process – unfortunately, it took a more time than planned. We will send information about the new season by our newsletter and add it to our webpage. 

Order your serial ticket

Ordering of serial tickets is available from the start of the season.

Do you travel often? Do you value speed? Do you seek for best price? We recommend to buy our serial ticket. Serial ticket is not personal and it is valid for two years from the date of pruchase. For business customers we recommend our Linda Confort class serial ticket. Order your own serial ticket from online and enjoy all the comfort that serial ticket can offer you.

  • Fast personal service on land and on sea
  • Book your ticket online fast and easy
  • 10 one way trips
  • Price guarantee for two years
  • Book your seat in only few steps
  • Order your serial ticket online and we will send you invoice. After paying you can start using your card.
  • No cancellation fees
  • Serial ticket is not personal and two people can travel together at the same departure
  • After you have filled the form above and sent us your serial ticket order, we will send you an invoice. Please make sure you will pay for the invoice before the due date. Serial ticket is ready to be used once the payment has reached our account.
    For the terms and conditions, click here

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